Monday, March 31, 2008


Two items of interest that I came across this weekend: First Progressive Auto Insurance now covers your pet if they are in the car with you. According to the press release they will pay for up to $500 for injuries received during an accident. Wonder if this covers your hamster when he steals the keys to the Barbi Ferrari?
Second, this spring the American College of Veterinary Surgeons will start to accredit veterinary technicians in a surgical specialty. This may seem a bit odd to you, especially if your veterinarian hires high school grads to care for your pet, but it's a big step. Surgery in pets have gotten as complicated as it is in humans. My practice has a veterinarian who applies plates to broken legs, fixes bad backs and has removed damaged lung lobes. We only use veterinary technicians (and technician students from the local college) in our practice. Our clients want the best, and this is one way of improving the quality of care.

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